Transatlantic partners

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Perrin & Rowe has entered a partnership agreement with its US distributor, Rohl LLC. In the latest initiative between the two companies, Rohl now owns a 50% share of Perrin & Rowe’s manufacturing in Great Britain.

The two companies have a history of collaboration over the design and manufacture of kitchen and bathroom brassware.

In 1996, ROHL collaborated with the Avilion Ltd. to create a new line of luxury kitchen and bathroom taps,  branded Perrin & Rowe® of Mayfair London. This collection has become one of the leading brands marketed by ROHL in the USA.

In 2010, Steve Cole, managing director acquired the majority of the company; the ROHL investment supports Steve Cole and his team to carry on its focus on the core competencies of manufacturing excellence in Great Britain, as well as develop the Perrin & Rowe® brand globally.

ROHL and Perrin & Rowe® remain independently operated with Steve Cole continuing to manage the Perrin & Rowe® enterprise and Lou Rohl now holding a seat on the Perrin & Rowe® board.

“We are honoured that ROHL thought enough of our capabilities to invest in our future,” said Steve Cole, Managing Director, Perrin & Rowe®.

“This partnership will allow us to continue to deliver the outstanding examples of design excellence for which we have become known, continue to invest in the business, and as one of the few remaining brassware and Sanitaryware manufacturers in Great Britain, continue our commitment to manufacturing in the UK.”

The Perrin & Rowe® portfolio of products is core to the ROHL portfolio,” said Lou Rohl, CEO and managing partner, ROHL.

“The opportunity to invest in the business, capitalizing on an improving global market, and keeping the tenets of the Perrin & Rowe® manufacturing processes intact and solidly placed in the UK, is critical to our strategy to deliver authentically crafted, luxury products for kitchens, baths and luxury resorts to the US market.

“We are pleased to have a stake in assuring the quality and provenance of this venerable brand for some time to come.”