Taking to the water

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The Brainwave charity* has received a whopping £10,000 this month from dedicated kayakers, Bishops2Stortford Team, which included Perrin & Rowe’s Phillip Cole.

The team completed the 230 mile kayak challenge between Bristol and Bishop’s Stortford earlier this month, finishing the distance in less than 4 days.

Tested to their limits, but powering through to the finish, the waterborne men were greeted at the end of their quest by more than 100 supporters.

As a main sponsor, Perrin & Rowe assisted Brainwave to purchase all of the equipment required, which included the kayaks, clothing and safety kits. The kits, as planned, have now been sold and incredibly add a further £3k to the £10k total already achieved.

Phillip Cole said: “This has been one of the toughest things I have ever done. After we finished the kayak challenge everything – and I mean everything – hurt, but the pain was totally worth it, thanks to all the support we had and what we, as a team, have been able to achieve. Of course, Brainwave was the driving force during our long journey, so this definitely helped ease the sore muscles!”


*Established in 1982, Brainwave is a dedicated charity which has proven to be a beacon of hope for many families of children who have suffered a brain injury such as Cerebral Palsy, have a genetic condition such as Down’s syndrome or Developmental Delay; sometimes even a combination of all three.