Sydney showroom launch

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Perrin & Rowe was centre stage at the launch of Australia’s latest new tapware boutique showroom launch party. The English Tapware Company, our Australian distributor, opened their new showroom in Sydney in November.

It is a testament to the creative collaboration between the Melbourne studio of Hecker Guthrie and The English Tapware Company.  With a shared passion for authenticity, quality and craftsmanship, this was a partnership guaranteed to succeed.  In a beautiful, historic building in the Woollahra Village in Sydney, Hecker Guthrie have created an environment that reflects the high level of quality and refinement which is the essence of the exclusive brands on show. The products they distribute in Australia are some of the finest in the world and unique in the calibre of their design, engineering, operation and range of finishes.

We are proud that Perrin & Rowe the feature brand of this new showroom down under.

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