Special Finishes: Part 2.

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As part two of our look at our range of Special Finishes, we’re covering two very luxurious finishes; 24 Carat Gold and English Bronze.


Our Gold Finish brassware is plated with 24 Carat Gold to give that unique lustre you only get from using the real thing. After polishing and an initial chrome layer, the components are gold plated at a very precise 40˚ – the optimum temperature for shine and that decadent pure gold colour. Striking on both contemporary and traditional style brassware, this finish is the epitome of style and opulence. Our Gold finish is pure yellow in colour, presenting a natural golden glow and high shine finish.

English Bronze

The English Bronze finish is created using a high quality lacquer coating to give a darker shade of metallic finish. The raw, natural feel of this finish can add a touch of interest to any style of kitchen or bathroom and is becoming increasingly popular. English Bronze is a very versatile finish and is regularly used in a range of projects and styles, whether that be a utilitarian farmhouse style kitchen, Eastern influenced bathroom design or used with other finishes in a more contemporary setting. English Bronze is a rich metallic brown finish with subtle notes of orange and copper: typically defined as antique.

Whatever style and finish is right for your project, the Perrin & Rowe promise means you can be certain to install a timeless product that is built to stand the test of time.

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