Special Finishes: Part 1.

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Having launched our new Aged Brass finish earlier in July, we wanted to share the reasons why we just can’t get enough of our Special Finishes at the moment. Our Special Finishes are a range of luxurious, warm metallic hues to bring a touch of style and unique character to your kitchen or bathroom. Good design never goes out of fashion, and neither does our brassware – whatever style and finish is right for your project, the Perrin & Rowe promise means you can be certain to install a timeless product that is built to last.  In this first story we’ll be looking at our range of raw brass finishes.

Polished Brass

To create this finish, our team of expert polishers hand polish each component to a magnificent shine and a warm glow that’s only possible when using real, high quality brass. A highly adaptable finish, polished brass has seen a massive revival recently and works as well in a very traditional style kitchen as it does in a glamourous, art deco style bathroom. Polished brass is a living finish and so reacts with its environment creating a unique patina that’s completely individual to each item. This is ideal for a more distressed look, but if you prefer can also be restored to its former shine using a metal polish periodically. Polished Brass has a quality appearance, radiating a warm finish with coppery undertones.

Aged Brass

The Aged Brass finish as implied by the name, gives the effect of brass that has already started the aging process and has a slightly distressed, rustic appearance. Our finishers meticulously treat each component with a compound that mimics the natural aging process to give a natural look distressed surface.  A perfect complement to simplistic shaker style painted cabinets or an industrial style studio kitchen, this beautifully aged finish will always add character. Aged Brass is a darker finish that creates a tarnished, aged look:  vintage design with an urban twist.

Satin Brass

A soft, muted appearance makes the Satin Brass finish perfect for a slightly more subtle and refined take on the brass finish. Each component is hand polished to perfection, then ‘unfinished’ using three different polishing mops to evenly brush the surface for a luxurious matte effect.. Satin Brass makes an understated style statement, working beautifully alongside light, airy kitchen schemes as well as a patterned encaustic tile bathroom.  Satin Brass has strong undertones of yellow ochre, with a matte finish.

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