Mark Wilkinson Furniture, UK

In 1976 Mark Wilkinson turned his attention to revolutionising domestic furniture. Why should it not be more exciting, more stylish, more innovative? He introduced his ideas in a totally new concept for domestic kitchens and his original design engendered the ‘Country Living Style’, which has become so distinctive throughout the world. The highly innovative design was made in reclaimed old pine with signature details – fishtail frieze, cockbeaded framing, cloverleaf arches, wine and spice racks and beaded multi – panelled doors.

With a lifetime’s experience and over four generations of furniture makers behind him, Mark Wilkinson’s work is recognised worldwide as being the best in quality, design and workmanship. His new designs are breathtaking, a perfect blend of hi-tech understanding, ergonomic research and emotional expression.

The look of his furniture evokes a very special feeling because it is designed with soul, inextricably linked to everything that is best about wood, combined with everything that is best about life. The Company that bears Mark’s name is based in Wiltshire and is widely represented throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. With its immense wealth of design, it is recognised as being at the forefront of its industry.

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