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Perrin & Rowe Hand Rinse

A stand-alone hand rinse enables easy cleaning of  vegetables, fruit and dirty crockery at the sink and without wasting water. Available as an option with most Perrin & Rowe kitchen taps, the hand rinse turns a tap into a multi-purpose workstation.


Easy to use and versatile, the rinses can be positioned to the left or the right of the sink. They have insulated handles and a flexible hose (standard length 120cm) ensuring safety and convenience. Hot, cold or mixed water is diverted to the rinse once the top button is pressed. Perrin & Rowe hand rinses have been specially designed to cope with even low water pressures; the integration of a patented diverter means that they can be effective with just 1 bar (15psi) of pressure. Perrin & Rowe hand rinses are available in five different designs to complement each collection.

Please note that rinses must not be connected directly to the mains supply of cold water and that the maximum recommended pressure is 5 bar (75psi).

Taps selected with rinses will have single-flow spouts. Taps cannot be retrofitted with the hand rinse, as it is an integral part of the tap design.