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Care & Maintenance

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Perrin & Rowe tapware and accessories are made from premium quality brass, hand polished and then electroplated in their range of finishes. While Perrin & Rowe coatings have a greater thickness and higher quality than usual, please follow these cleaning and care instructions in order to maintain the beauty of the product you have selected and to preserve your warranty.

Ideal care for all fittings

  • Dry with a soft cloth after each use.
  • Clean regularly with warm water or a mild pH-neutral liquid soap and then polish with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. A Microfibre cloth is ideal as it is gentle but effective for cleaning without scratching and needs only to be dampened with water to clean the product. The only exception is the Gold finish that requires a chamois leather cloth – read on for more information.
  • Residue left by personal hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel can cause blemishes. Always completely rinse these off the fittings with clean water immediately after use.
  • Avoid getting household bleach or cleaners on to your fittings when using on surrounding surfaces. Any splashes should be immediately rinsed with clean water and dried and should not be allowed to remain on the metal finishes. To avoid this happening, cover the fixture with a cloth or towel when cleaning tiles, mirrors, countertops etc.
  • To remove limescale we advise a 50/50 solution of lemon juice and water. To avoid it running away, apply to some cotton wool and wrap around the area. Leave on for no more than an hour then remove cotton wool and rinse and dry fully with a lint free cloth. For heavy scaling, the process can be repeated as long as the area is rinsed off in-between treatments to avoid a build-up of the citric acid.

To ensure fittings are not damaged and you do not void your warranty

  • Under no circumstances should harsh cleaning agents containing acidic, caustic or abrasive components such as bleach, alcohol or vinegar based substances be used.
  • Do not use abrasive cloths, scouring pads, scrub sponges, steel wool etc. as they may damage the surface.
  • To avoid dye and ‘patterning’ transfer from wet cloths, avoid hanging them over the spout of the tap. Porous surfaces such as nickel and pewter may be affected by chemicals in or on the cloth.

Standard Finishes

Chrome is the hardest and most durable finish in situations with daily cleaning however it is still prudent to avoid commercial cleaning products which may contain corrosive chemicals. Follow the guide above, and in addition, for persistent or stubborn marks Autosol (available from automotive and hardware stores) may be used very sparingly.

Nickel & Pewter (brushed Nickel) finishes will change over time as they react with the environment they are in. Follow the guidelines above and in addition to restore these finishes:

  • Nickel – to restore the original sheen, occasionally give it a very light polish with Autosol (available from automotive and hardware stores).
  • Pewter – use a Pewter Pad, available from our customer services department on 01708 526 361 or internationally, your local distributor.

Special Finishes

Polished, Satin and Aged Brass finishes are known as “living finishes” and will develop an individual patina over time which, for some, is the appeal of choosing a brass finish. Follow the same guidelines above for day to day care of all raw brass finishes and additionally:

  • Polished Brass – to restore the original sheen, occasionally give it a very light polish with Autosol (available from automotive and hardware stores)
  • Satin Brass (brushed Brass) – use a Pewter Pad available from our customer services department on 01708 526 361 or alternatively, your local distributor.

Gold plated products contain real 24 Carat Gold in the coating and being the softest finish, should be treated as you would treat any piece of fine jewellery. They should only be cleaned with warm water and a non-abrasive liquid soap and dried with a chamois leather cloth. Gold plating can be scratched, become discoloured from perfumes contained in soaps and lotions and so may over time wear on the handle section.

English Bronze finish is another delicate, soft finish that should be looked after with care. This finish is created using a high quality, lacquer coating and as such care should be taken to avoid scratching the surface. Ensure the guidelines above are followed, additionally do not use excessive force drying with a cloth.

For any questions please contact Customer Services & Technical Support:
Tel: +44 (0) 1708 526 361