Perrin & Rowe

Sustaining our environment & industry


Most products are manufactured using low-lead brass, commonly less than 0.1%.

Following machining, products are processed through a solution tank that leaches any residual lead from all surfaces that may have deposited through earlier stages of production.

Brass, the raw material used in Perrin & Rowe’s products, is smelted in a modern, high-tech foundry. The foundry is a permitted process that is controlled to an extremely high standard and is regulated and licenced by the Local Authority. Emissions are monitored and are maintained within the limits laid down in Perrin & Rowe’s operating permit.

Waste metals and swarf are always recycled and projects are ongoing to identify new ways to separate the raw material from cutting fluids, making the waste easier to handle and recycle.

Rejects are re-smelted wherever possible to enable re-use but where this is not possible within internal processes, Perrin & Rowe will recycle the product via external parties.

Chemicals used in Perrin & Rowe’s plating processes are stringently controlled to avoid injury to personnel or accidental escape to the local environment.

The plating process is supported by a modern effluent treatment plant that ensures that all by-products from the plating department are treated to allow lawful discharge to sewer, a process that is regulated by the Local Water Authority. Again stringent consent limits are complied with at all times.

All waste streams are stored appropriately and disposed of by licenced waste contractors to satisfy the requirements of environment legislation. Most waste streams are recycled with only a very small percentage actually being land-filled.

Perrin & Rowe will always strive to be an environmentally friendly organisation and one which carefully considers the impact of all of its activities on both the near and far environment.