Celebrating 20 years

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Directors and Managers from Perrin & Rowe, were recently invited to dine at the exclusive Drummonds Bank, courtesy of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

This occasion marked the 20th anniversary of the Perrin & Rowe brand. It also provided a perfect environment to reflect upon, and acknowledge, the considerable progress of the company since a management buyout by current Managing Director, Steve Cole, in 2010.

Steve says: “We recognise that it’s people who give a business personality and heart, and subsequently this is where we make our largest commitment.

“By preserving skillsets and investing in our staff we can continue to be true innovators and not duplicate product designs across both kitchen and bathroom sectors.

“This has unquestionably been responsible for the growth of the Perrin & Rowe brand to a point where we are now regarded as the largest independent manufacturer of British brassware in the UK.

“I’m genuinely excited about the future of our business and I’m looking forward to the challenges and advancement the next 20 years will bring.”

Drummonds Bank, now owned by RBS, remains a working bank and can name The Queen Mother and Baroness Margaret Thatcher among some of its illustrious past visitors.

The sixteen Perrin & Rowe guests were given a pre-dinner tour of the building which was built in 1879 overlooking Trafalgar Square and houses an impressive art and furniture collection.

Founded in 1717, Drummonds Bank was the chosen bank of King George III and many notable artists and statesmen during the 18th Century – a tradition that continues to this day.