When might a kitchen tap be right for the bathroom?

When might a kitchen tap be right for the bathroom?

Aug 10, 2020

We are often asked about the difference between kitchen and bathroom taps.

Why is one style defined as ‘kitchen’ and another ‘bathroom’? If you discount taps that are designed for a specific purpose, such as our Instant-Hot taps  or bathroom taps that are clearly too small for the kitchen, then it becomes a matter of convention and taste. And there can be benefits to breaking with convention.

Take author and blogger, Emily Murray. A talented and imaginative interior designer, Emily has an obsession with the colour pink. Her blog ‘The Pink House’ details her journey to creating the perfect living space, centred around a pink palette. For her shower room, Emily had sourced a beautiful Moroccan washbowl, which she planned to mount on a curved terrazzo top. The countertop was relatively small, so conventionally you would choose wall-mounted bathroom taps. However, the plumbing for these would, in effect, bring the wall behind the basin forward, reducing space in an already slimline shower room.

The alternative was to install a tall mixer tap onto the countertop, but the washbowl was relatively high, and that limited Emily’s options. After all, it had to be something that complemented the decorative style of the washbowl.

So Emily choose a Perrin & Rowe Aquitaine mixer tap in a Polished Brass finish, which looks like it was designed for the space. It so happens that the Aquitaine is from our Kitchen Collection. But why should it be classed as a kitchen tap, when it works just as well in a bathroom?

Perrin & Rowe Aquitane mixer tap in Polished Brass

Emily Murray's 'The Pink House' bathroom

Our friends at Shaws of Darwen, famously the oldest surviving manufacturer of fireclay Butler sinks, recently launched a new bathroom collection. Their round Aysgill sink is designed to be mounted on a countertop, like Emily’s Moroccan washbowl, and has relatively high sides. Perrin & Rowe manufacture Shaws’ range of kitchen taps, and they asked us to suggest a design that would complement their new sink. We proposed a bridge mixer, a style most associated with kitchens. It seems to fit the Aysgill perfectly. You can now buy the Ingleton bathroom bridge mixer direct from Shaws, or you could consider Perrin & Rowe’s own Ionian bridge mixer. Just remember, when you’re thinking about new bathroom brassware, to browse our kitchen brochure!

Perrin & Rowe Ionian bridge mixer in Polished Brass

For more about Emily Murray’s pink shower room, visit her blog at www.pinkhouse.co.uk

Shaws' new bathroom collection can be viewed here.

Photography credit: Susie Lowe