The many benefits of a Filtration tap

The many benefits of a Filtration tap

Sep 06, 2022

We’re all trying to do our bit to help the environment and slow down climate change. And as the recent heatwave clearly demonstrates, it’s essential that we act now. Swapping your single-use plastic bottles of water for a kitchen filtration tap is a great way to start.

According to Friends of the Earth, here in the UK we generate 5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, which is about 75kg per person. Plastic pollution is harmful to animals, wildlife, their habitats and our oceans, as well as the harm that microplastics are doing to us as we unwittingly consume them. Filtration taps are an important swap that we can do to cut back on our plastic waste. Here at Perrin & Rowe we have a stylish collection of different styles and finishes to complement a variety of sinks and kitchen décors. The taps deliver fresh, filtered water on demand, perfect for drinking, cooking and carrying on the go - in a reusable bottle of course.

Take the Aquitaine two-handled country design above. With one lever delivering hot and cold water and another for filtered, it’s the perfect style for a classic Shaker-style kitchen and fireclay sink. Because the filtered water is accessed via its own dedicated waterway, cross-contamination by the standard hot and cold mains water is avoided. All our filtration taps are made with the highest-standard Swiss ceramic filters, which not only significantly reduce harmful contaminates but also leave in all the beneficial minerals such as fluoride, magnesium and calcium so you can rest assured you are drinking all the goodness and none of the bad stuff.

So how does a Perrin & Rowe filtration tap work?

What makes a Perrin & Rowe filtration tap even more unique is its four-stage filtration technology:

Diatomaceous Ceramic: Suspended matter and bacteria are retained on the ceramic surface without the use of chemicals.

Anti-Bacterial Silver: The ceramic permanently incorporates Katadyn silver that works against bacteria growth in the filter.

Carbon Block Core: Absorbs chlorine, harmful chemicals and organic contaminants that contribute to bad taste and odour.

Zeolite: Has the capability to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

For a modern look, perfect for sleek undermounted and integrated sinks, our Mimas filtration tap is a simple dual lever design with curvaceous C spout. It looks great with a marble work surface as well as with other metallic accents within the kitchen. All our filtration taps also come with the option of a side rinse. This retractable hand spray can be used for washing fruit, vegetables and other ingredients for cooking as well as filling pots and rinsing the sink after use.

When you want to enhance a classic or traditional kitchen décor, our statement Picardie filtration tap is just the thing. All our filtration models help to reduce a variety of substances including chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, solvents and heavy metals, as well as improving odour and taste of your drinking and cooking water.

Photography: James Balston, Design: Sarah Ross Designs

To complement traditional kitchens and sink areas, our Phoenician filtration tap looks stunning in Aged Brass. Its classic curved spout and white porcelain lever design makes an instant impact in any space while delivering deliciously clear water in an instant. 

Our filtration taps also come in mini versions for smaller kitchens, island units, bar areas or utility rooms. They are a great option for anyone who wants the benefit of having filtered drinking water on tap but wishes to create a personalised look with a different main mixer. They are also perfect if you want to add in a filtration tap to an existing sink set-up without rearranging the worktop. Pictured above, our Armstrong Mini Filtration tap offers industrial styling to accompany the wider Armstrong range.

Explore the full collection of Filtration taps on our Kitchen pages, and for those that already have a Filtration tap spare filters are available to purchase directly from our Spares shop.