Planning the Perfect Utility Room

Planning the Perfect Utility Room

Dec 02, 2021

They say that the kitchen is the hub of the home. Well, if that’s the case then the utility room is the workhorse of the kitchen.


Whether you already have an area dedicated to laundry and cleaning chores or you are planning a new scheme from scratch, getting the essentials right is key. From a stacked washer and tumble dryer to clever storage solutions, and most importantly, a practical sink and tap, there are plenty of things to consider.

Perrin & Rowe has a wide range of taps to complement an array of sinks, worksurfaces or cabinetry. There are three collections – Traditional, Country and Contemporary to choose from, as well as instant hot and filtration taps. Finishes include chrome, nickel, pewter, English bronze and gold as well as our ‘living’ finishes – polished brass, satin brass and aged brass – that simply look better over time. These will ensure your utility is as elegantly designed as it is functional. Designed, engineered and hand crafted in Great Britain using traditional skills, we use only the highest quality raw materials, so each tap lasts for years to come. Here we select 11 of our favourite utility rooms to help you plan your own, with ideas for décor, design and the finer details.



Image via @joannalouise87

Consider the style of your utility area and choose a Perrin & Rowe tap to complement.  Classic Shaker style for instance looks great teamed with our Alsace mixer in English bronze.  It works beautifully with dark green painted wood, which is set to continue as a big trend in kitchens in 2022.  Finish the look with pale wood accessories such as a peg rail, overhead drying rack and scrubbing brushes.


Image via @gettingstuffdoneinheels

If you’re having the kitchen done at the same time, extend the cabinetry to the utility room for a co-ordinated look.  Choosing bespoke furniture allows you to make the most of every inch, with tall floor to ceiling cupboards for the ironing board and cleaning products, under-sink space for smaller items and little drawers for those hard to find bits and bobs.  A classic ceramic sink will finish off the design, with a statement tap such as our Ionian mixer and rinse in aged brass adding instant wow factor.


Interior design by @laraclarke_interiors and photography @jonathanbondphotography

To make the most of your utility space, full-height cupboards can be used to store everything from mops and brooms to a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer.  This works in both low and high-height rooms so don’t worry about making it feel closed in.  A pale painted finish such as sage green, pebble or cream will keep things light and airy.  In this design our Mayan taps in aged brass really set off the stripped back timber that has been left exposed.


Design and construction by @strittdesignandconstruction and photography @simonwhitbreadphoto

Save space in a small utility by purchasing a stacking kit from your appliance manufacturer.  This allows you to pop the tumble dryer on top of the washing machine.  The dryer is always on top, as it weighs much less than the washer.  Try to avoid stacking appliances from different brands as the mounting points may not match up, which can make them unstable. We love the fresh look of this design, which includes pale blue cabinetry, white brick wall tiles and our Phoenician mixer and rinse in pewter, which goes well with the oversized sink.


Image via @simplyscandikatie

Make the utility area your own by choosing accessories, lighting and artwork that you really love.  Having things like pots, jugs, baskets, plants and so on around you, makes doing the laundry or washing-up less of a chore.  The rustic feel of this space is great for country cottages and period properties.  We love the earthy green paint colours used for the wall and cabinet doors and our Mayan taps in aged brass really set off the metallic pendant lights above.


Design by @thomasmaybespoke

In a really tight corner, planning is even more essential.  Make the most of a corner with a pull-out shelf mechanism inside the base unit. Stack your laundry appliances and fit an open storage rail into a recessed space to hang clothes after drying.  An undermounted sink also creates a fuss-free seamless look and is teamed here with our Aquitaine monobloc mixer with pull down rinse to save further space.


Design by @highamfurniture and photography @roquesoneilphoto

Open shelving can instantly open up an area and prevent it from feeling closed in.  Just like in the kitchen, you can use a floating shelf or one with matching brackets to display your favourite ceramics or potted plants as well as peg baskets and detergents, out of children’s reach.  This pretty scheme shows our Ionian mixer in aged brass, which looks elegant and timeless with the Shaker furniture.


Image via @simplyscandikatie

Create a sustainable scheme with a reclaimed wooden worktop.  You can find all sorts of goodies to upcycle at salvage yards and reclamation centres.  We think our Mayan aged brass taps really set this design off beautifully.  You could also repurpose any paint you have in the garage or shed too, especially if it’s just to cover a small area or to give old timber cabinets a refresh.


Image via @rachaelsomervilleinteriors

How cute is this!  If space allows, ask your joiner or cabinetmaker to create a pet bed for your family dog or cat.  Make it nice and cosy with a comfy cushion or padding inside.  This utility room looks stunning with its pale grey painted cabinetry, cup handles, open shelving and tongue-and-groove wall panelling.  Our Callisto mixer in aged brass is the perfect practical and elegant finish.


Image via @glebehouse_renovation

Perrin & Rowe taps are an investment piece, as we use only the highest quality raw materials and expert craftsmanship to produce taps that last for years to come.  When budget allows, it’s also a good idea to invest in a durable, hardwearing worksurface and sink too, as this way you won’t be buying again in a few years’ time.  Our Phoenician mixer in chrome is the perfect partner to this stunning granite surface and ceramic sink.


Design by @aberfordinteriors

A fuss-free design will create a sense of space.  Ideal for a compact utility area, it allows everything to breathe.  Think open shelving and peg rails, clutter-free worksurfaces, closed-door storage to hide mess and a single run of units containing laundry appliances too.  In this scheme our Phoenician mixer and rinse is great for hand washing and cleaning muddy boots.


You can download a copy of our brochures here to see all the options for your utility room and find your nearest retailer here.  For even more inspiration head to our Instagram and Pinterest accounts.