Bernard Savage on Designing an Open Plan Family Kitchen

Bernard Savage on Designing an Open Plan Family Kitchen

Apr 04, 2023

We were delighted to sit down with the designers at Bernard Savage to discuss this timeless and tactile kitchen along with their design ethos, how kitchens are evolving and what is set to be a big trend for this year and next.


Who is the kitchen designed for? 

A design conscious couple and their young family. Due to the size of the family, a sociable seating area and plenty of storage was high on the wish list.

What was the brief from the client? 

The clients had moved into a new build but were not happy with the kitchen. They desired a well-made, bespoke design that was crafted to fit the room perfectly and could withstand the demands of busy family life. To make the room look larger, a light colour was chosen for the cabinetry with touches of brass added for warmth and texture. The striking Lacanche range cooker adds a focal point to the kitchen while also offering plenty of cooking space.

Why was Perrin & Rowe brassware selected? 

We are passionate about craftsmanship and longevity and this ethos is shared by Perrin & Rowe, which makes it our go to brand for every kitchen. Opting for high quality products ensures clients will be happy for many years to come.  The fact that the brassware is made locally to our workshop is also something that appeals to our clients.

The brassware is Satin Brass - are more customers opting for brass finishes and why do you think this is? 

The Satin Brass finish is definitely on trend and matches the brass on the Lacanche range cooker perfectly.  Brass finishes can be a great way to enhance a kitchen design offering a luxurious and considered look.

Perrin & Rowe Armstrong has an industrial aesthetic - why was this range selected for the kitchen? 

Our clients loved the detailing and texture on the Armstrong tap levers. The design has a steam valve look to it, which creates another focal point in the kitchen.

Did your clients have any must-have requirements? 

They wanted an instant hot water tap in the same style and finish to the main mixer, helping to keep the kitchen streamlined while also saving time.  With a young family, safety is crucial so the intelligent anti-scald mechanism was a must.

The kitchen is part of an open plan living space - how does that impact on the design of the kitchen? 

The paint colour and flooring flows from the kitchen into the dining room and sitting room to keep the space light and cohesive. We built dark green bookshelves in the dining area to create a defined zone for eating and relaxing. 

How are kitchen designs evolving - are more people opting for Hot Water Taps for a streamlined design? 

99% of our kitchens now feature an instant hot water tap, they take up little space, are easy to use and offer time and water savings.

What are your top tips on how to achieve a timeless look? 

The colour of the kitchen is the key factor, and we advise our clients to keep in the same colour palette for a classic design.  Brassware, appliances, handles, worktops and accessories can all be used to add colour and texture, while also bringing a design scheme together.

What trends do you expect to see in kitchens in 2023/24? 

Secret doors into pantries and utility rooms is a big one - an understated yet fun design feature!


Photography: Lucy Rebecca Photography