Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology

Mar 27, 2019

Our London Design Week seminar offered a new perspective on colour

In March every year the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour – London’s design mecca – hosts London Design Week. Across the 120 showrooms there are dozens of events including panel discussions, educational talks, product launches, workshops and more. This year Perrin & Rowe partnered with Victoria + Albert, our neighbours on the third floor of the North Dome, to present a special discussion on the psychology of colour.

Until quite recently kitchens and bathroom design has been dominated by restrained colour schemes and conservative fittings. But there has been a refreshing renaissance in the use of bolder colours and patterns, encouraged by style influencers on social media. Their inspirational Instagram and Pinterest images have given people the confidence to experiment. For Perrin & Rowe, that has meant an explosion in demand for new finishes, such as English Bronze, Gold and Aged Brass.

Perrin & Rowe - Polished Brass

Pictured: 1470 Aquitaine Sink Mixer with Filtration in Polished Brass

There is now a greater understanding that colour doesn’t simply affect the look of a space, but it affects the way its inhabitants feel.

Our seminar, entitled ‘Colour Psychology’, was hosted by ‘Great Interior Design Challenge’ judge and co-host of ‘The Great Indoors’ podcast, Sophie Robinson together with journalist, author and colourphile Martha Roberts, of award-winning blog ‘The Colour File’. Sophie and Martha discussed how colour has a huge impact on our day-to-day lives; not just in our homes, but in the food that we eat, to the clothes we wear.

Individual reactions to certain colours can be very different, according to Sophie and Martha. One way of considering this is to divide individuals into personality groups – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. These groups are not defined by birthdates or favoured season, but how the colours of each season raise emotion within you. Each season can become an illustrative tool for the interior designer. Some people are a mix of two seasons, leading to an intriguing combined colour palette.

Victoria + Albert - Ravello Bath

Pictured: Victoria + Albert's Ravello Bath in RAL Gloss 6005

For example, Spring people are forward-thinking, optimistic and energised. From an interiors perspective, the kind of people who are excellent at designing children’s rooms, bringing brightness and a sense of fun to design. At Perrin & Rowe we might perhaps recommend a tap in our 24-carat Gold finish - a bold, dramatic choice.

Those who have more of a Summer profile tend to be cool, calm and measured. Summer is all about soft colours and colours fading – think of a hydrangea bush, says Sophie, and you have your Summer palette. In interiors, expect Summer people to favour elegant styles that are highly organised, with great attention to detail. In the bathroom, Pewter brassware could suit a Summer mindset, with its restrained and stylish matte finish.

Sophie Robinson and Martha Roberts

If you’re interested in colour and colour psychology, both Sophie and Martha’s blogs are excellent sources of inspiration.

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