Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, China

Just a few steps from the East Gate of the vast Summer Palace grounds, Aman Summer Palace is a hotel made for would-be emperors. Simple, elegant and reminiscent of the past, the 51 rooms and suites reflect the traditional courtyard style of the neighbouring Summer Palace. The suites surround an internal courtyard featuring an intricate latticework of pathways, separating formal gardens and trees. Some of the suites are the original dwellings used by guests of the Summer Palace, awaiting an audience with the Empress.

The aesthetic references draw upon traditional materials and architecture of the Ming Dynasty period. Traditional Perrin & Rowe bathroom brassware, synonymous with the luxurious style of the stunning resort, has been specified throughout this hotel.

Product shown: Traditional Bath/Shower Mixer

Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, China Gallery